Album: Learning To Lie (2012)

Song: Bleeder

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Rising from the ashes of the reveled Orange County Hardcore scene in the year of 1990, the band Triggerman first came to be. It was a partnership of vocalist Joe Nelson, and former No for an Answer guitarist Gavin Oglesby with the intention to harness some of the energy and drama of hardcore, but delve emotionally deeper than that genre seemed to tolerate. The band quickly rose to prominence in Southern California playing shows with the likes of; The Offspring, Pennywise, Sensefield, Inside Out, Gorilla Biscuits, Infest, Quicksand, CIV, Farside, Jawbreaker, Into Another, Jawbox, Samiam, Helmet, Seaweed, and a multitude of others before entering the studio to record their critically acclaimed debut LP, "Dead Like Me" which was released in 1992.

With the major label feeding frenzy that followed the release of Nirvana's "Nevermind" and Green Days "Dookie," Triggerman found themselves in a state of flux. Like nearly all of their contemporaries, the band was courted by some pretty big labels. Rather than focusing on releasing a sophomore album aptly titled "Flux," they focused on demoing songs, and showcasing for just about every A&R person who might be interested. The general stagnation and seeming inability to make the pieces fit began to take its toll. The band eventually released the "Sinker" 7" in 1993, as well as a few compilation songs, but the pursuit of another full length release dissipated. In 1994 Nelson and Oglesby began to focus on their more fun and less serious side project - An Orange County Hardcore band called Ignite. This coupled with numerous lineup changes and a general frustration soon spelled Triggerman's demise leaving fourteen completed, but unreleased songs behind to die.

Over the years that followed, Nelson and Oglesby remained great friends. They went on to form the retro hardcore outfit The Killing Flame, but often talked of one day recording at least some of the old Triggerman songs even if it was "just for the hell of it". Unfortunately, "real life" made finding time to rehearse, and record highly unlikely. That was until the summer of 2010., when everything seemed to fall into place and the "just for the hell of it" idea for once seemed plausible. Recruiting longtime friend, Ignite bass player Brett Rasmussen, and former Social Distortion drummer Derek O'Brien Triggerman rehearsed for a few months and entered the studio in the fall of 2010 recording all fourteen songs. The band stayed as true to the original context of those songs as possible, and by March of 2011 mixing was completed. Their sophomore effort now entitled "Learning to Lie" was finally, at last, a reality - It just happened to come out twenty years later.

-Rick Donnegan

April 2012, Bhutan